Does God Believe in Grey?

Grey is simply white with some black in it. Does it seem to you that we live in a world where all truth (white) has a little bit of lie (black) in it? Where it is true when they say, “everything is shades of grey?” Where it is sometimes hard to determine who the good guy is and who is the bad? Does God, the one who said let your yes be yes and your no be no, believe in shades of grey? 

No. However, God is merciful and because of this is it can often appear that he does. He uses sin filled people in the process of being sanctified to do his work giving the appearance sometimes of a world filled with grey. The catch phrase we hear a lot these days is that God uses imperfect people. God also tells us that light and darkness, truth and evil, will be intertwined so deeply that they cannot be completely rooted out and separated in this world. But that they will be rooted out in a “harvest” to come in the end of the age.

Does that mean there is no complete truth? In some ways our entire life here on earth is the searching out of truth and acting out on this absolute, undiluted, and unbending truth against a completely corrupt evil. Through our sin filled minds, however, we often don’t see it that clearly. If fact, most of us feel uncomfortable by a pure truth or pure good. We are like the movie that throws in a few curse words so it doesn’t get that dreaded G rating.  We are all accountants that want to appear to be mild versions of the Hell’s Angels in order not to be thought of as dull.

This is most likely because we misunderstand God. We misunderstand how truly joyful God is. And we think, mistakenly, that there is an actual alternative to God’s joy. One a little less demanding. Maybe, even a little more fun. This is because evil is essentially living for the brief moment on what is often referred to as “borrowed capital.” The devil uses the good things God made while, for reasons only God completely understands, he has his brief reign as “Prince of this World.”

We can think of grey as pure truth diluted by sin. It is our job, our precious task, to undilute it in order for God to shine brighter into this world and life is more joyful, clearer, and we are more effective. How do we do this? We do this through prayer, working in his body, the legitimate church (a good, wonderful, and God designed organization that stands as the restrainer of evil) loving our neighbor as ourselves and loving God with all our heart. This can be played out in millions of unique and inventive ways. We are not to settle or surrender to dull grey but work to shine the true nature of the undiluted truth of Christ as a bright light into our world of darkness.


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