Got the Easter Spirit?

I have been driving around town looking for the Easter banners put up by the local civic authorities with the word Believe on them like they did at Christmas. But apparently they had forgotten to put them up.

I was at the mall looking for the mass of shoppers preparing for Easter Day, and thought I would wander through the store looking at and enjoying the Easter decorations. It must have been an economic malaise that has recently hit the country, because except for the card store it seems everyone forgot to check their calendar. Easter is just a few weeks away.

On the drive back to my house, I turned on the radio to listen to some Easter music on the easy listening pop channel that each year plays holiday music. There wasn’t any. I clicked on the Christian radio station to catch a couple of hip updated versions of “He is Risen.” But alas nothing.

I know that Easter has not been completely forgotten. There was a nice collection of dresses for little girls at the department store. I got an advertisement from a local church on special services. And I did read that the average family spends $200.00 on Easter each year for candy, decoration, and dinner. But lets just be honest here, society just doesn’t change like it does at Christmas. There is no Easter Spirit among the community at large.

Like it or not, people have a tendency to be different at Christmas. More prone to be generous, secular musicians sing songs about Christ, and profound atheists have symbols of a Turkish Bishop named St. Nicholas all over their children’s rooms. But at Easter…it…well…just doesn’t happen.

Is it that  bunny that lays eggs and decorates with pastels? Or is it that secular society says enough is enough. We will go along with you on Christmas and give you the virgin birth. But raised from the dead, that we call a halt on. I just don’t know. It is just that, be honest, for most of America Easter doesn’t have it.

However, one of the great problems with Christmas is that it doesn’t stick around. All those good feelings slide away as the credit card bills come at the end of January. Those who catch the Easter vision. It is more than just catching a wave of societal goodness. The realization that you have been chosen by God for eternal life. That Christ died and rose again for you is permanently life changing, and the spirit doesn’t quit two weeks into January.


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