About A Quiet Water

In the words of British poet Robert Abrahams.

“For some men die by shrapnel, And some go down in flames, But most men perish inch by inch, In play at little games.”


Doug Dahl is happily married to Margo and father to seven. He splits his time between them, blogging, and running a small division for a very large company. He has a lot of experience being too busy for God.

Our age is full of the abundance of little games that draw us away from Christ to what are almost always dead end pursuits. For the past seven years, we have been working on resources to help us focus on Christ in a busy and distracted world through better prayer, Bible study, and journaling. In the words of one of my favorite business advisers, we hope to avoid “Goal Diffusion.”

1. Each day, go through one of the prayer guides with a Bible.

2. Print out the monthly prayer journal for the month and start using it each day.

3. Get started reading the Bible rotating between sections of the old and new testaments. You can can use our tracking guide that makes this easy and flexible.

4. Read ideas and get encouragement for living the Christian life and, of course, for ideas on Prayer, Bible Study, and Journaling.

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There is an additional hope that this site would serve as a sort of digital oasis pointing us towards our God by showing two elements that clearly indicate a Creator God. The beauty of nature, and the wonder of harmonic music and art; both of which could never have accidentally come about out of random chaos. Nature and music can point us to the reality of a god, but they can not define who God is. The unique 66 book cannon or collection of scripture written by 40 different authors over 1500 hundred years with its remarkable cohesion of message and archaeological verification gives us the rest of the record. The written record of creation, our fall into selfish sin, and the remarkable rescue and redemption by God himself in Jesus Christ giving life to those who believe on him and new hope to this often dark and disturbed world.

We hope this website is a “help” to you. Contact us at Prayer@aquietwater.com.




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