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There are many people have given their lives for the opportunity to study the Word of God. In the West, we are often distracted by the glitter of this life and forget to do it. Our prayer is that no one fall into this trap and be kept separated from God.

One great way to read the Bible is to rotate between different sections. All Scripture is helpful and valuable. This is true of some sections of the Old Testament that at first may appear perplexing. It is important not to skip over any section. Often, after study, difficult verses provide great insight. However, all parts of the Bible are not equal in importance. This is why we suggest reading the Bible rotating between sections or “groups.”  It also helps keep the Scriptures in balance never allowing the reader to forget how the historical record of God’s redemption is tied together over the 3,000  plus years of history the Bible covers in detail.

If you would like to rotate major sections of the Bible in your reading. I have included an XL spreadsheet and PDF that will help you easily track your rotation.

Bible Reading Rotation Plan Excel

Bible Reading Rotation Plan- light gray 2003 compatible

Bible Reading Rotation Plan PDF

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